A system that aggregates digital content

Feedmasher is a system that is capable of gathering digital content from a wide array of sources such as traditional RSS feeds (ex: newsfeeds from cnn, bbc etc.), Twitter tweets, Youtube Videos, Instagram and more. Once data is fetched from an outside source it is pulled into the Feedmasher component and standardized. It can than be displayed in various ways and arrangements. For example: a channel on Arts in Rochester NY could display stories from multiple sources such as a local artists Youtube channel, the latest news from the MAG art gallery, tweets from prominent local artists and more. As opposed to having to visit dozens of individual sites it can be fetched and curated in one single spot!


There are a few demos of the feedmasher component in action:


FeedMasher while used for the RIT Channel System

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The Technology

FeedMasher was built for a LAMP webserver (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). An copy of the FeedMasher component can power multiple Walls / dashboards.

How to use

Feedmasher is currently being prepared to be released to Github, and documentation will soon follow. In the meantime if you want to reach out to the creator of this please contact John-Paul Takats at jptkts@gmail.com